Hails from Cheekalaparvi Raichur District, Karnataka, Vijaya Dasa’s previous name was Dasappa, born to Srinivasappa and Kusamma. His family initially battled the lack of material wealth. So Dasappa had to search for a job in distant places but he ended up with no result. But one day in his dream, he saw Ascended Master Purandara Dasa and had a conversation with him. Then Purandara gave him a new name as Vijaya Vittala and gifted him a Tambura. To his surprise, the Tambura was a tangible gift.

Thus, he got initiated into Carnatic Music and traveled to Varanasi where he met Master Madhavacharya and received guidance for enlightenment. Thus he began extensive travels across the nation. He composed over 25,000 Kritis and he’s regarded as Dasa Shreshta. His Kritis are also called Suladis, Ugabhogas, and Padas. His writings include most words from Sanskrit. As he got enlightenment, he himself eradicated all lack from his family and manifested all that he wished for a wonderful life.

Vijaya Dasa is also known for his astounding demonstration of his divine will and became an example that if a man can realize his divinity, can do wonderful things. He calmed the flood of the Ganges and saved many villages. He’s widely known that he returned without being wet whenever he went deep into the river. He once saves a woman from self-harm and also resurrected his own son back to life. He once made an uneducated man speak difficult verses in Sanskrit. Literally, he can be said as Jesus Christ of Medieval India. He’s associated with the one who started the tradition of singing devotional songs while trekking up the Tirumala hills which is widely done even today.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.