It’s a common question that in the west, people think of India as a nation of spirituality and yogic consciousness. Of course it is, but it depends on people who now make the nation. Telugu poet Gurajada said, ‘A country is not made of soil but of people!’ But, the people of this nation became reliant more on the system rather than that which gives credence to their very culture, the philosophy of this nation… The Vedas!

Each Veda has its direct message. “Aham Brahmasmi”, “Tatvam Asi”, “Ayam Atmanam Brahma” and “Pragnyanam Brahma”. These words should be the daily reminders to each Indian that the entire world looks up on. Instead, they became westernised and concerned too much on the illusionary aspects and eventually made God’s existence merely as a psychological facet rather than an ultimate reality. In this sense, they kept on believing in the very entities that once ruled this land in the name of invasion and colonisation.

According to Swami Vivekananda, “Spirituality is the backbone of India”. India’s original name is Bharat, Bha means God and Rata, mean he who ponders God. The Spiritual Indian stands up for his spiritual aspect rather than societal norms that directly negate the existence of God within man. Many temples of the ancient land still stand tall to convey the very same message, and many legendary beings are there saying, trust in God, everything will be well. In the same manner, the society tries to fake an illusionary world that doesn’t exist in the perception of God, and yet they made the populace of this nation to question their very existence by altering the history and made them believe in the newly brought version of history. However, the spiritual India is still there, within your heart, but you have to look with more conviction.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari