When western societies made advent into this lad, they were at first frightened by seeing the magnificent woman with extraordinary abilities, unlike women in then Europe and middle east, women in India were far more educated and far more stronger, in both body and mind. It is said that no man can match a woman who’s strong in body, learned in mind and awakened in spirit that an entire generation depends upon the god expressing through the embodiment of a virtuous Woman.

Women of Vedic period were far more equal than men, in education, strength, and knowledge. But during the period of invasions, the people slowly got back into ignorance and started treating women less due to the reason that they out think them. There were many masters and seers of this land.

Empress Rudramadevi is a clear example of the amalgamation of Knowledge and Strength. King Ganapati Deva raised her to her full potential of the god within! Rudrama was not only well versed in Spiritual literature, but also an unmatchable warrior, when disguised as a man, she appeared mightier than others in terms of immense strength. When she assumed severity in 1262 CE, she revealed her Queenly identity and became more fierce in strength and more kind and spiritual. She herself defeated many rulers around her kingdom She even trained Her Successor Prathparudra II to repel the foreign invaders.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari