King Yelambar has a lot of mystical history around him that not only he’s the first Known King who established the kingdom of Nepal, but also he played a crucial role in the combat of Kurukshetra. In Nepal, he’s also called Akash Bhairav, the God who hovers in Sky or the Watcher in the sky. There’s a temple dedicated to King Yelambar, in the name of Akash Bhairav, still revered with utter respect and care.

King Yelambar belongs to a tribe need as Kirati, which literally means Barbaric. He’s also said to be that he’s called as the Barbarik in Mahabharata, and as the battle, he’s adjoined and went aboard to preach the world about peace. Even in the legend of Nepal, Barbarik was called as Akash Bhairav, who hovered in the sky over the battlefield and recorded everything.

The King Yelambar’s Akash Bhairav Temple houses a mask and a strange stone face which is blue in colour, will be shown to public once in a year after a ritual specially done by the Kumari of that village. King Yelambar’s dynasty ruled Nepal for 32 generations beginning from 3,500 years ago, spanning more than 1200 years.

Mahabharat mentions vast rage of Kingdoms and tribes Like Chinas (China), Pahlavas (Iran) Kirats (Nepal), Yavana (Greek), Kamboja (Cambodia) and many more. In our education, Mahabharata was merely shown as a vague epic rather than a distant history which we’re to learn a lot from. The The story of Yelambar indeed connects the bridges between epic and history. Because, without Yelamber, there’s no Nepal! If Yelambar is for real, and if he’s Barbarik, is he a human with extraordinary abilities or a humanoid Robot walked aboard as a man?

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari