The 14th century Reddyking Vema, a yogi and a renowned alchemist encoded his wisdom i his Ataveladi poems very beautifully in a language very very simple to understand, even simpler and raw than the earlier poets. People depict Veman in bare attire and what he actually resembles is clean in consciousness.

The greatest mystery is which Reddi King was he. As there were four other Vemas in the dynasty. Vemana spoke thousands of poems orally and most of them then noted down by his disciples while others were preserved in memory. Unlike morals, Vemana has a spiritual approach in his poems. He boldly points the God is expressing as man. He says, God is not in a faraway country, God is when I am expressed. If you know yourself, you’re God! That’s how simple it is!

The Great Saint inspired many people and he helped the Bhakti movement with his outstanding message spread fast for the awakening of humanity in common folk. Vemana also delved into the aspects of Yoga and appropriate disciplines for practice to attain focus and realise God, Ataveladi means movement or TO DO and some of his poems were composed in Kanda and sesa meters. But he showed his genius by choosing Ataveladi especially in Yogic poems.  

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari.