When the current civilization looks up to the western science and political strategies and merely copy them without researching or digging deep into our own culture and find the solutions, our very own land has produced these magnificent discoveries!

1. Atomic Theory

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In physics book we hear about the atom, however, the actual size of an atom is smaller than 100 picometres; it is not possible through classical Physics which deals everything as solid – but it is possible through quantum physics to study the atom and its properties. First notable discovery of Atom made by Sage Kanad.

2. Aviation

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It is thought that the Wright brother were first to fly the made made craft. But much before that, during the period of Mahabharata, The Book of Vaimanika Shastra describes all kinds of Vimanas and its types of landing as well as the crew needed to operate them. This book describes Crafts needed for interplanetary travels as well as domestic travels.

3. Theory Of Gravity

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It is widely taught that Newton discovered the gravitational forces but it is in India this theory has been prevalent since ten thousand years from the great book of Surya Siddhanta, which describes the exact positions of Planets and Stars and their orbital distances as well as other galaxies.

4. Ayurveda

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Ayurveda accomplished something that modern medicine couldn’t even dream of today that no matter the majority get pushed with, the ancients were always on the top. Sags like Dhanvantari, Sushruta, Charaka were masters of healing. They also told how the embryo in the mother’s womb will grow that it got only possible with today’s ultrasound.

5. Yoga

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It is the most ancient practice that one can go within and keep the body healthy. Sage Patanjali established the Yoga sutras and the whole world now follows it. It is scientically proven that whether the person is aware or not, if they do Yoga, their immune system gets stronger that nothing in the environment can alter them.

6. Martial Arts

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Ancient war crafts like Silambam and Kalaripayattu were originated in this nation. Sage Agastya established the art of Staff Fencing and sword wielding, call the Silambam and Sage Bodhi Dharma propagated the art of Kalaripayattu to the world that Shaolin Kungfu and Jujit-tsu came from. 

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari