It is often known to people that they mostly concentrate on feeding themselves up with information, authorised by individuals that actually want people to be asleep. But information alone can’t always be at aid, unless thoroughly contemplated, with ones unique patterns of thought, reasoning of the mind and then put into practice after experimenting it. Siddhars are such people who didn’t just sit there in abstinence, but they’re the ones who actually dared to explore the new facets of mind.

Besides Siddhar Agastya, Ascended Master Tirumolar is mostly revered for his magnificent contribution to Ancient Wisdom. He authored Tirumandiram and Shaiva Siddhantham, which deals with the knowledge of self and Alchemy of the embodiment. He always emphasises that ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ which means the master emphasises that a sound mind can bring about a sound body and a sound body maintains it. So when we see the Siddha’s they equally give importance, that they found spiritual ways to rejuvenate the embodiment and attain a state of radiance and Immortality through self conquest!

Siddhar Tirumolar mostly gave his lectures and even performed his final Ascension at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. Siddhars like Karuvurar and Sattamuni took him as an inspiration. Tirumolar also found an alchemical formula to Muppu, the ethereal salt of eternity, which can be found within oneself through enacting the god within, which is purely a personal journey. He also gave many details on atomic theory which now gave birth to nanotechnology. The siddhas openly propound that eight attainments achieved by an enlightened being that are called Ashta siddhis. Smaller than an atom, larger than universe, heavier than a mountain, lighter than a vapour, creative genius, ability to see through any embodiment and the ability to be all and know all!

Viswanath Venkat Dasari .