The Great Nayanars mentioned this temple in their Teveram, as one of the Paadal Petra Sthalams. The Ancient Temple of Adi Kumbeswarar temple holds such sacred knowledge and keys to the origin of this Universe. This temple, located in Kumbakonam of Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu has a unique legend associated with it.

That when Brahma is carrying the genetic material of the entire human race off this planet, Shiva is said to have struck it with his arrow, thus the mystical pot fell in the very place, and the genetic material fell into the Potramarai tirtha and Mahamaham Tank. In the impalpable way, Kumbakonam mean the angle of a concave, which explains the first contemplation of the God before creating the universe. And in another context, this temple signifies the event in which a genesis project was done by enlightened beings to seed this planet with the first race of humanity.

The Sarangapani Temple Of Vishnu is also there right next to this temple that the Potrumarai Tirtha separates the both ancient structures. Though the exact origin of this construction is Unknown, the chola Dynasty renovated the structure in 9th century CE and the Vijayanagara Dynasty added some more structures in the 15th Century.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari