This beautiful Temple is located in Darasuram town, near Kumbakonam, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. This temple was built in Dravidian style. This wonderful temple built by King Raja Raja Chola II in the 12th century.

This is a UNESCO world heritage site along with Brihadeeshwara Temple. This temple continues to attract large gatherings of Hindu pilgrims every year during Magha,  

Micro Sculptures are another wonder we got to witness in this beautiful temple. The sculptors of this temple have shown their Genius mind by carving minute detailed carvings with optical illusion. The Indian Explorer Praveen Mohan has done a lot of research on this temple. He revealed some beautiful aspects in his videos on Youtube.

There is a Pyramid structure in this temple. The Cholas built many wondrous Temples during that period and Airavateshwara is one of them.

The inner courtyard is almost six stacked squares of 35 metres. Another amazing aspect in this temple is, the singing steps. They used to produce music if anyone puts their feet on them.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons