This great raga, when heard, it’s assured that you’ll be drenched in bliss and touch the horizon of divine ecstasy. Amrithavarshini is called The Raga Surabhi for its unique quality and rendition. It also produces the Karnataka Suddha Saveri, which is a pentatonic raga. This raga is made popular by the 19th composer Master Mutthuswami Dikshitar. It’s composed on a pentatonic scale and is called the Aidava Ragam.    

The magic of this Raga is demonstrated by Master Mutthuswami Dikshitar himself that by singing it, he brought rain to Ettayapuram of Tamil Nadu during the famine. The name of this raga is derived from Amritha – Elixir, and Varshini – bringer of downpours, which literally means, the bringer of elixir. It’s not a metaphor but a manifested reality that many people who mastered music Ascended into the realms unknown with their body. It seems true, when you hear this rage, you’ll be in bliss!

Ascending: S G₃ M₂ P N₃ Ṡ

Descending: Ṡ N₃ P M₂ G₃ M₂ G₃  S

This raga can now be heard in the song Anandamritha Varshini that people who learn Carnatic Music must also get familiar with this song. This song also activates the dormant portions of your brain and helps the pituitary gland which we call in Sanskrit as the Piyusha Grandhi – to secret its hormones in harmony to help the body to be vital and healthy. And the same happens with nature that when a master of music sings this song with the intent to heal nature, it’ll bring those changes forward. Coming to its pentatonic scale, even in western music, there are certain songs when the one listens to them, they put a pentagram in the listener’s brain and it can be proven by Cymatics. So, look how brilliant our Ancients are and how great the Amritha Varshini Raga is!