In the current manner of Humanity, the attitude of escaping from taking responsibility for one’s life and glorifying someone as divine rather than realizing the essence within them has become prevalent. This came evident with Krishna, that, people see him as The One but they utterly failed to accept this fact that Krishna himself did his own spiritual practice, learned at a school and achieved what he is. Sanathsujatha confirms that, every human is divine, and Gods are not separate people, but a common human who realized the divine within. Krishna, after his secret exile in the village, goes to the School of ancient wisdom and becomes an ardent disciple of Saint Sandeepa. There, Sudhama, a fellow disciple of the saint, becomes a friend of Krishna.

However, after the education, the students departed to their respective places and began their journeys in life with the knowledge they gained. Thus, Krishna chose an adventurous path, conquered the Kingdom of Kansa, freeing people from enslavement and established himself as a virtuous ruler of Dwaraka. And here, at home, Sudhama, also merged in deep spiritual practise just as Krishna, but he chose abstinence, as a result, he couldn’t get over from the lack of material wealth, and used to roam in rags, where people called him as Kuchela, for this reason. However, he and his wife lived a common life. But one day, Sudhama hears of Krishna’s adventures and becoming the King of Dwaraka. Sudhama, for the first time after he’s been graduated from school, got the wish to meet Krishna, not because he’s attracted by the success of Krishna, but he just wanted to meet his school friend!

As he reached the premises, he focussed on reaching out to Krishna, keeping aside all the qualms of the guards, courts men and all; he simply reached Krishna’s residence in the city in an instant! By seeing Sudhama, Krishna gave him a warm embrace and felicitated him along with his beloved consort Rukmini by the honour of setting him up on the high seat in his chamber, which made the courts people wondered as they both seemed equals though they differ in attire. Sudhama brought nothing but rice flakes as a gift, while Kirshna poses a question that they both learned ample knowledge from sage Sandeepa about manifesting the divine reality, however, what made Sudhama not to focus on living a life of abundance and chose austerity? Didn’t you gain such a level of acceptance even though we’re blessed with knowledge? Sudhama has no answer, he only observes Krishna’s lifestyle closely from that day on, and he stayed in Dwaraka for some time. He asked nothing from Krishna, nor did Krishna promise anything to Sudhama. But when he took his return journey, to his surprise, there was a jubilant palace in the place of his house and his wife is in utter bliss. Then he realized the true help Krishna did to him, by removing the mental block he had from achieving Fabulous Wealth.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.