Archaeology is now encountering a new aspect of history every day, be it Dwaraka, of an Indus valley settlement, or an ancient temple. The Uttar Pradesh Tourism announced that they’re going to renovate an ancient Sun Temple in Shivghanj Village from Pratapgarh district. The temple seems to be much ancient, however, the ASI made it to the 8th century. Even the villagers of Pratap Garh didn’t know about the existence of this temple until 2011, then some of them kept on protecting the temple remains and gradually removing the encroachments around it.

Some curious archaeologists from Odisha Institute of Maritime and southeast Asian Studies, through a horizontal excavation at Durgadevi in Remuna tehsil of Balasore district, found an ancient settlement that simultaneously belongs to Chalcolithic, Bronze, Iron, and Urban Culture, which completely made them startle. They initially found a 4.9 Km circular fortification of the site which they excavated in the month of May.

This could change the historical facet of settlements in India as it was repeatedly taught in schools. This site has fortified settlements that date back to more than 4,000 years ago, that may have flourished from more than 2000 BC. This site shows a continuous inhabitation of people that belong to various eras and from this site people might have started the urbanization of Durgadevi from 400 BCE. However, this site could have simultaneously existed with Indus Valley Civilization.    

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari