An ancient Temple from 6th century found in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The archaeologists of Odisha, and researchers of art and cultural Heritage found this beautiful ancient Temple in Puri district.

The monument is in a falling condition, it needs reconstruction as early as possible. This temple is dating back to the post Guptha period. Buddhism has been flourished at that time in Kalinga nearly 1,400 years ago.  A four-member panel of INTACH led by project coordinator Anil Dhir Documented the site in Biropurusottampur in Pipili Tehsil of Puri district.

Growth of thick vegetation damaged the temple badly. The thick roots of the trees broke the structure. But we can’t completely blame nature since it got neglected by humans.

Odisha is an an ancient place where we can find ancient structures, from Konark to Muktheshwar temple. Ancient Indian temples are rich in their architecture and style. In future, the archaeologists will find many ancient monuments in Odisha if they continue excavation in that area, but these areas need much care and they need to be preserved so that, we can restore our ancient Indian history and art. Our future generations will also know its glory and beauty if we preserve them well.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.