The Pullamangai temple of Thanjavur will soon be taken under conversation by The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as they found this Parantaka chola era temple much intriguing. The temple is praised for its sculptures along with those can be seen on the Vimana. Sculptures of Dakshinamurthy, Bikshadana, Adishesha, Tripurandaka, Narasimha, Prahalada, Nandi, scenes from Ramayana, dancers, musicians and musical instruments magnify the temple’s glory.

The Temple is also called as Thiruvalanthurai Mahadevar Temple, Sri Brahmapuriswarar and Pasupatheeswarar Temple. It is near Pasupathikoil in Papanasam taluk, and 15 km from Thanjavur. The temple is currently under the supervision of The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department. One of the officials from ASI told a media source that It is a famous temple known for its sculptures. ASI wrote to the HR&CE Department, offering to take over the temple and conserve it.

The sanctum sanctorum and the ardhamandapa of this temple which must have been built before 10th century CE during the Chola era, stands intact while the other structures were the additions to the temple which were built by the later rulers. The maha-mandapa and mukha-mandapa are said to have been built around 18th century. The ardhamandapa has been garnered by various dancing scenes and ornamental designs. The inner shrine has 21 inscriptions describing various donations by the Kings to facilitate the perpetual lamp lighting. The Temple has been built in Nagara style architecture which is exquisite to behold.