In the ancient book of Tripura Rahasya authored by Saint Harithayana, deals with intrinsic knowledge of realising the true god-self. In that book, there were a great collection of accounts of other saints and enlightened beings.
Such an account was of Queen Hemalekha.

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In the Kingdom of Dasarna Desa was sacked by the invaders and the king Hamachuda was expelled into the jungle, pursued by his enemies. In that journey, he finds refuge in a hermitage where Hemalekha was an enlightened maiden, heals Hemachuda back to life. During the exile, the king reunited the army with the help of Hemalekha, and avenged his defeat, recaptured his kingdom. Thus he desires Hemalekha to be his partner. She agrees and moves to the city of Dasarna Desa with the king.

But the king Hemachuda finds Hemalekha reluctand over the royal life and used to spend most of her time contemplating in the gardens. When asked, she replied that she’s currently in the midst of her final self-conquest and told her story in a poetic way. That she observed her attitudes and voices in her head that at one time led her to me made fun of, but she quickly got control over her life by becoming a unattached to them. Thus she came to a conclusion. As she received sufficient enlightenment, she told the very same knowledge to the king, thus he too, got enlightened.
By seeing the sentient life of the royal couple, their relatives and courtisians also expressed their wish to learn the same, thus they too learned. Then the king passed on a law that every school, instead of contemporary education, self knowledge should be taught extensively. Sooner, everyone in the kingdom realised their divinity. Thus, the King changed the name of the City to Brahmapura – The City Of Gods.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.