Before the advent of Cell Phones and mainstream satellite media, India was a different country that people lived pure and the only contaminants there were films and politics. But the festivals looked grand and the farmers lived at peace. That was the India when author, astronomer Carl Sagan captured in his Cosmos Television Series that entertained The United States alongside Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting. The series Cosmos dealt with the long speculations like origins of the Universe and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Carl Sagan emphasised that the Hindu culture has vast amount of Knowledge about the Origins of the universe while the western scientists mostly thought that it was the big bang, but Sagan said that the Ancient Indian knew that the existence of the universe has no distinct beginning and is endless, yet a multitude of universes pops up like bubbles. He also took Nataraja as an example to show how creation is done. The Fire of creation and the drum of frequency.

Sagan showed the festival of Pongal and described it as the festival of cosmos. He documented the making of Paramannam – the primeval matter – that actually describes how the Dream of God took on a tangible form. He says that in order to make an apple pie from scratch, one must create a universe. While most of the current Indian are getting lost of the ancient track, Sagan’s reaffirmation of his episode in Cosmos, startling the current generation. And the episode is now available on Youtube to watch.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari