Thirumallini Selvaraj, professor at Vellore Institute of Technology, rediscovered the ancient conscruction methods to restore the Monuments of the Ancient land, including many great temples. She initially envisions to restore monuments such as Padmanabhan Palace, Vadakkunnathan Temple and Charminar.

Image Courtsey : Wikipedia

She states that the problem with the current construction methods is that they’re artificial and not at all linked to nature, yet they use terms like sustainable and eco-friendly. But in ancient times, massive monuments were made with which ever material available in that area, be it limestone or granite. They they’re joined together with plant based gluing substances along with mortar, clay, egg, lime juice along with various stages of fermentation process. But people completely forgot this ancient technique of construction which not only results in longevity of the structure but is highly eco-friendly.

For over a decade, Prof. Tirumallini has been working to restore ancient temples and monuments by using ancient techniques. She holds a PhD in Heritage Lime Mortar Characterisation and Simulation. She says to media that it is unfair to jump into the restoration process of a specific monument without prior knowledge of from which material it has been built. In India we have various dynasties of rulers employed different types of architecture. Such as Temples, Mughal Monuments, British buildings, each has their unique method of construction that no one can can just hop in an start the restoration work without consulting an expert civil engineer.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.