As we all know the meaning of Deepavali is the line of lights, it’s not just a mere festival that celebrated the Victory of Lord Krishna and his Consort over darkness or that we make noise in the streets with crackers. It seems there must be a deeper meaning to it that can uplift human consciousness into God-Consciousness. Do you know that we’re the beings of light? We’ve ample proof of that. The pineal gland can be said as the body’s light meter. Light is its food! It also receives the information of light through the eyes and signals the body.

Just like the eyes have rods and cones, the pineal gland also has these cells. That’s why Jesus Christ said about it. It is also called as the third eye. Well, it actually facilitates the observer/spirit/god to perceive the environment and command the body to have its knowingness. The pineal releases Melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone that facilitates the body to heal itself and stay like a child. The size of this gland is larger in the people who live in the Polar Regions compared to the people who dwell at the equator. That’s due to the difference in the environment and its adaptability.

Being educated in the right way is a basic need that one can question the foundations of any system and can have a firm focus with a doubtless mind. We’re now seeing the consequences of ignorance that how a billion citizens of our very nation can be fooled. Ignorance can also be called as darkness. Then what dispels it? Light! This is why, our ancients recommend to look at the fire, be it a candle, when looked, the abilities and the true potential of an individual will be activated. It’s merely by choice. And also by choosing a lifestyle that doesn’t calcify your pineal gland, it will improve your abilities. The pineal is what is aligned with the light and tells the brain that when is night and when is daylight. This is usually called as The Circadian Rhythm. This might sound like a philosophy unless applied, but by aligning your lifestyle with nature and stop depending on clocks and calendars, you’ll see a wonderful change. That’s why, the way you think feeding your belly is important, it is equally important to feed your pineal with natural light!