Did you ever ponder who’re the best masons and craftsmen among humanity? History, when deeply studied, says that it’s Dwarves that poses extraordinary skill in building things. Varaha Mihira was a Dwarf, for instance, said to have extraordinary abilities! This fact became notable as J.R.R. Tolkien mentioned about it in his masterpiece book The Lord Of The Rings, that when Aragorn becomes the king of Gondor, he employs Dwarves to rennovate the city as it has been attacked by Mordor. The similar situation occured in India that Vijayanagara Empire took the responsibility of restoration of The Temples. The temples to be rebuilt or to be restored were in thousands, so they acheived this so fast, but how? And with whose help? In India and all throughout Asia, Dwarves all called as Yakshas! So, is there any notability that Dwarves does exist? In India?

Located in the town of Thadipatri of Andhra Pradesh, The Ancient Shiva Temple of Bugga Ramalingeswara, bears an ancient significance that Ascended Master Parasurama said to have stayed here. The temple bears the styles of Kakatiya-Chalukya and Vijayanagara empires, has been built by Pemmasani Ramalinga Naidu Son of Thimmanaidu, a chieftain in Sri Krishna Devaraya’s army. The temple has outstanding carvings, just as Hampi temples. A British historian James Ferguson said that the master piece of Vijayanagara Empire is not at Hampi, but this temple at Thadipatri!

This temple has the sculptures of 109 dwarves, showing them holding the pillars and lifting them up. The carvings were so intricate, full of culture and complexity in depiction of 3D, similar to the Ramappa Temple. Despite being a Shiva Temple, it also has Vishnu sculptures. The masons extraordinarily decorated the both entrances equally with the inner shrine! This temple also has many music pillars, base reliefs and ceiling paintings. There’s a rock-cut rotating lotus affixed on the ceiling is one of the main attractions! All these carvings were wonderfully made on the black granite! The Vijayanagara Empire is known to construct and renovate ancient temple so fast, that you can Imagine the work of Masonry and sculpting has been done with acute precision yet at a fast pace that in the 350-year reign of Vijayanagara Empire, they administered the restoration and construction of many thousands of temples which would take twice much longer even today, but they did it so fast! This says that the Architect-in-chief of this temple must have brought dwarves to work! If not done by Dwarves, then who?  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.