In a world programmed with the survival of the fittest, it is often a taboo that the healthiest and the fittest are considered as the qualified individuals while people with different abilities, though that society seem to pacify them with pity, keeps them aside when they desire to do what they dream. In reality, they work even harder that the normal individual and possess great Intel and genius! Ascended Master Ashtavakra is a pure example of the genius within humanity! 
Being born to philosopher couple as a divinely challenged due to genetic disorder, every one at that time made fun of him that how he’d be able to do all the hard penances and spiritual practices, yet all of them missed out that it’s the divine intelligence, the holy spirit is what driving everyone’s embodiment and with indomitable will, anyone can achieve the greatness. Thus, he first enthralled the King Janaka with his outstanding genius and courage that not one philosopher of his court could show! 

When Janaka was on a hunt, he strayed from his guards and wandering in the jungle, and that’s where he met the divinely able saint Ashtavakra for the second time. The King wanted to have the knowingness of the God Within although he’s well versed in all subjects and aspects, he literally lacked enlightenment. There, he got initiated by Ashtavakra, and lived for sometime in the forest. But as he achieved the knowingness, Ashtavakra bade him to return to his kingdom. But Janaka refused. However, Ashtavakra said that if a ruler is enlightened, his people will be blessed. Then King Janaka understood his task of making the people of his kingdom enlightened, he returned to his fort and then kept on working towards his dream! 
And at the same juncture, it became evident that The Ram became the first enlightened emperor that this world ever knew and the people prospered in his reign and still does!Thus, Saint Ashtavakra played a greater part in this aspect and still does. He’s wonderful book Ashtavakra Gita has the secrets of Quantum world and the way to enlightenment. And even now there are many divinely able people, can now be a light to the entire universe!

Viswanath Venkat Dasari