Mysterious sounds from the sky are now shaking off the world eventually for a decade. They might be similar to a sonic boom made by a Jet when it crosses the sound barrier, but most of the loud sounds reported and even recorded have a clear resemblance to the sounds of a giant Conch or a huge Trumpet. From the sound of huge trumpets in British Columbia and Jerusalem to the recent booming sound that shook off Bengaluru has a quite similarity. All of them were from the sky!

When we dive into our history, before the beginning of The Kurukshetra war, all the warriors who mounted their Fierce chariots make such thundering sounds with their Conches. Be it Panchajanya or Devadatta or Poundra, each Conch has a different amplitude of sound, some sound like thunder, some sound like a trumpet, and some sound like a roar, some like a boom, and all of them were fierce. It is no doubt that the chariots were not the Horse driven carts, but fierce spacecrafts.

This very tradition stands as a startling evidence that our elders say that when there is a loud noise in the sky, be it thunder or any, they call it Arjuna’s Charriot is going above the clouds. They even utter the hymn “Arjuna, Phalguna, Partha, Swetha Vahana, Kiriti!’ “O Arjuna, the Receptor of knowledge, master of mind, greatest among the spirits who took the body, the one who rides a white chariot, the one who is crowned!” and regarding the trumpets, the Bible mentions of them in the book of revelation, a vision seen by Apostle John.   

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.