An inspiration of divine love and a true master over the frivolities of a decadent society, Andaal Goda Devi stood as a wonderful example to those who look for divine providence through enlightenment. Ascended Master Goda, who’s also called Nachiyar, is a wonderful composer and author. She wrote Tiruppavai and Nachiyar Tirumozhi which comprises of 143 poems. She’s one of the 12 Alvars that took an active part in the Bhakti movement. However, Master Goda Devi is much more ancient, and a contemporary of the first Telugu Emperor Srikakula Andhra Vishnu, who later became her consort!

Andaal performed her ascent before the public at Srirangam temple! In honour of her, a temple at Sirivelliputthur has been built by Cholas. Goda is born into a Brahmin family to Vishnuchitta, the flower picker who makes the garlands for the temple deity. However, he found his daughter wearing those garlands before they’re being sent to the temple. There’s a reason behind this that, Goda is a well-educated woman, she’s well versed in all Vedas and languages. In a way, she’s a polymath who knew that she’s divine and so is everyone. To say this, she intentionally did such acts and she blatantly refused to marry anyone but the God – which she’s actually representing the communion with God within.

Thus, one day, when Goda’s father garlanded the deity with the one worn by Goda, then the garland became Gold! Then at the same night, he met a mystical being in his dream and got a reaffirmation that his daughter is an adept and will be a light to humanity, and she’d only get wedded to God! Later on, the first Telugu Emperor, who became an ascended master and ruled his kingdom in peace, came to Srirangam where he first met Goda! Thus, she physically wedded the ascended master and lived a prosperous life! Even today, the garlands that were put around the idol of Goda at Sirivelliputthur will be brought to Tirupathi as a custom to acknowledge Master Goda’s greatness.