The Haridasa tradition is quite intriguing whenever we see one among the streets, singing the knowledge in a rhythmic song. But there’s more to that tradition! Gopaladasa, a saint and poet in the Kannada language from the 18th century; belongs to Haridasa tradition and he’s a disciple of Ascended Master Vijayadasa. Gopaladasa propagated the Dvaitha philosophy of Madhavacharya through his pen name ‘Dasarapadagalu.’

His birth name is Bhaganna and he is from Mosarakallu village in Raichur district of Karnataka state, India. He is an amazing composer and inspired many people to begin their spiritual journey.

He inspired a mystic Saint Helavankatte Giriyyamma, she was a simple and powerful woman in Haridasa tradition. Gopaladasa gifted an Idol of Lord Ranga to her and inspired her to live a spiritual life. She also composed many devotional songs for Ranga and she performed a miracle of making that idol dance.

Gopaladasa helped Jagannathadasa in healing his stomach pain. he said it’s important to heal one inharmonious attitude in order to completely get rid of the illness from the mind and body. Gopaladasa was a great master of his mind and helped many in his journey of pursuing Enlightenment.

Seeing God everywhere, and recognizing the Divine in humans is a divine act. Ancient India is very fortunate to have many saints, yogis, mystics, and masters. We are very blessed to know or read about them and they are real inspirations.   

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari