When we carefully study The Ramayana, we encounter the truest ideals, not only of righteousness, but of brotherhood. During the exile, Ram, accompanied by his younger brother Lakshmana, embarks on a perilous journey to the kingdom of the enemy, in which infacet, a needed one to save the world from the hands of unjust. In that epic journey, Ram encounters the mirrors of his brother, but with a different elder brother, unlike him.

They are Sugriva and Vibhishana. Both brothers were once sheer followers of their elder brothers, Vaali and Ravana. But in the contrary, Lakshman got a brother that any man in the world desires to have such an elder brother and a true teacher of enlightenment. The point to note here is that Lakshmana is not Ram’s own brother, though they share the same paternal lineage. But on the contrary, Vaali and Sugriva, Vibhishana and Raavana were biological brothers. But what these elder brothers lacked was sheer dedication to righteousness.

The quality of Ram can be clearly seen was that he accepted, openly, the brotherhood of these people. Though Raavana was a dire enemy of the world and Vaali was a valient ruthless warrior, Ram took their brothers as his brothers. The only reason, they stood up for righteousness in the face of conflict.

Consider the current scenarios that how many people of mass importance endeavour to stand for righteousness even if it goes against the very mandate that gave them their status? In such a condition, Vibhishana, being the brother of the tyrant who went on to enslave the world, surrendered to a great cause.
Sugriva promised Ram to help him in the quest of finding Lady Sita. That was the later aspect when he was saved by Ram from Vaali. But it was Vaali who had to stand up for righteousness and wage a war against Raavana, infact, he did, but later they backed down on a deal, not to breach each other’s kingdom as Vaali is as valiant as Raavana.

But in the face of righteousness, they both failed to stand, and even vaali, knowing the need to stay up, expelled his own brother, and even Raavana did the same, expelled Vibhishana out of his kingdom. And when we consider Lakshmana, there were other two brothers, but none opposed the exile of the Prince Ram, or chose to follow him, but Lakshmana did!
But who’d stand up for Ram against the very system that gave them name and fame? But These brothers did!

Viswanath Venkat Dasari