This great temple of Lord Shiva is the most ancient structure in Bengaluru, built by Hoyasalas during 12th century CE. The temple has fascinating carvings of Shiva’s Wedding with parvati, retaining his forgotten divinity back.
It also has depictions of Goddess Durga Slaying the The Mahishasura. The Vijanagar Rulers added many other structures to the temple along with renovating the main structure. In the premises there are other shrines built in the same period dedicated to Kamakshamma, Arunachaleswara, Bhimeswara, Nanjundeshwara and Panchalingeswara.

There was a legend associated with the construction of this temple that when the King who built this temple went to the Jungle and was strayed away from his escort while on a hunt, he slept under a tree where he had a dream of a Saint, he said that there was a huge treasure underneath. With that hint, the king and his escort dug deep and found mounds of treasure along with a lingam. And to honour this, the king built a temple.
The temple has vijayanagara style architecture. There is also a tamil inscription which shows the Sun and the moon side by side a Shiva Linga. The temple also has exquisite depictions of Yalis, dwarves and other beings.
There’s a large pillar named Brahma Stamba which is 18 feet in height and 2 feet in radius which baffles the minds of the tourists that why the actually carved this monolith!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari