If you look at Sri Annamacharya’s Kritis, you might think that his devotion is towards a deity who settled only on a seven-hilled city that is under the control of an orthodox intuition. But when you closely study, you’ll find the deeper meaning of it. He referred to Lord Venkateswara as the God-Within – The Paramatma, the Antaryami – The Parabrahma.

In the Kriti ‘Nityapoojalivivo…’ Master Annamacharya speaks his truth very clearly that when you observe the offerings to Sri Venkateswara, you’ll notice those offerings were no different to the offerings you give to yourself. In other words, Sri Annamacharya says that,

“Your body is the temple, your head is the temple tower, your heart is the seat of Lord, your vision is the grand light for the omnipresent God with you. Your words are Magic Spells, your tongue that moves up and down is the grand Temple Bell, the tastes it gives forth are the food offering to the God that lies in your thoughts. Your movement is the celebration, your ignorant self is the servant of that God, and our breath is the air conditioning service to the lord. If you keenly observe and learn from the offerings that are given to Lord Venkateswara, you’ll know that they are the very things you do to the God within you.