Whenever we encounter an individual of Asian origin, be they from India or from any eastern part of this continent, they greet people with a Namaste. And of course, this custom has been spread through very ancient culture itself. It is in no means to replace an embrace or a firm handshake. But the significance that is currently known is that I bow to the divine within you from my divine within. It also tells us about the universal brotherhood and oneness with God. But is there any more than that we can prove scientifically? Yes!

Well, one must get astounded by knowing this ‘our ancients knew Observer effect’ that stung didn’t it? Yes, that’s true. When we see the graph of the wave of potentials unobserved, they behave like a wave. But when they’re observed, the potential indication graph shows the collapsed/manifested potential is in the shape of Namaskara Mudra. So, this was practically known to the west only at the beginning of the twentieth century only with the help of double-slit experiment.

Thus, we now can add this wonderful meaning to Namaste as ‘You’re being observed’ as a scientific term that says, I salute to the God in you from the god in me. So, before using this sacred gesture, use it wisely, with love and utter devotion to the god in the person next to you. But never ever use it as an excuse to enforce modern untouchability that’s now confusing the world. We should be proud of our ancients, no matter where you belong to India of any country, the ancients belong to all. Its startling to know that they know all this long ago that we’re still battling for humanity while they touched the hem of divinity with humanity.