This festival is very much observed in the Southindia where people head to their nearby wilderness and gather around a snake hole under an Indian-Gooseberry tree to pour milk, sesame seeds, and eggs into it. Well, they expect the snake to eat them and drink the milk. What’s more than this?

First of all, here we can clearly see the food which can be more nutritious for strength during this season, for what? To facilitate more spiritual practice! What about the snake hole? It’s our body and the snake is the Kundalini Energy that resides under the base of the spine. Sesame Seeds are proven to be a highly energetic food for yoga practitioners and athletes. And the Indian-Gooseberry tree has very great significance in Ayurveda that it helps the body in its rejuvenation. What about the eggs? It’s to break the shell of ignorance and bring forth a new being within yourself. In a scientific way, it’s to signify to decalcify your pineal gland for greater awareness! What about the milk? It’s the clarity of mind!

This festival also signifies the importance to raise above one’s humanity into divinity by lifting up the serpent within to the brain. From the depiction of Shiva to the attire of the pharaohs of Egypt convey the same message. Nagulachavithi also denotes the celebration of various Races of humanity such as the Nagas, The Elves, and the dwarves. By gathering in the bosom of nature, people leave all their mundane behind and exhale the essence of God and are meant to share great things with each other, remembering the days when this planet was full of gardens and people lived like children.