Ancient Indians were always advanced in any knowledge, from astronomy to Geopraphy. But during the invasions, the people become ignorant and still today, they continue the lineage of it through minute traces. Even in science, the Lunar eclipse was considered a myth until 20th century and even today, many people were afraid of Lunar eclipse. But during Ancient India, they clearly explained the science behind it
Just like the bunnies on Easter island, there wre carvings of Rabbits on the walls of various temples across the nation.

One of the carvings how that the Rabbit is first afraid of the Lunar Eclipse and hides its head in the sand and later tries to see the eclipse. And in another set of carvings, the rabbit comes out and observeas the eclipse fearlessly.This says, that man is like a rabbit, hes apprehensive until he understands the magnificence of nature.          

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari