The very basis of computing originated from the binary code that comprises ones and zeroes. It is commonly believed that Sanskrit was now taken to understand computing is not correct. The scientists of the 20th century took Sanskrit Grammar then itself to build the basis of computing. 

When we see the Chandas of the Sanskrit Grammar which also exists in Telugu Language too that comprises of Guru and Laghu which can also be equated as ones and zeroes. When Guru and Laghu, which comprises one and two matrices. Guru equals two and Laghu equals one. But in the binary language, Guru Equals one and Laghu Equals zero.
The very encoding of Sanst=krit language or Telugu Language can be read as we write, thats due to the accurate phonemes and Chandas. They in term gave birth to Feet and Metre to all the european languages. Then the Ancients clearly new not only computing but also knew how to embed hidden meaning in the language that there exist two to three meanings to every sanskrit word. In which it results inaccurate translations of the texts. And the level of translation depends on the level mindfulness of the person doing it.

Viswanath Dasari