This startling discovery is now a thing that challenged the mainstream brainwashers that backed the Aryan invasion theory to gain supremacy over India. They even tried to trash out the evidence regarding either Ramayana or The Mahabharata. The excavations at Sinauli are proving the ancients right and the historians wrong.

It is in 2005 or so where the first discoveries of copper objects from the chalcolithic era were made, then on, the ASI began unearthing many more things and some of the valuables were taken away by strangers. In a recent discovery, 3 chariots were found along with fallen warriors and even women warriors were among them. They’re all extremely tall and the ASI didn’t yet reveal their full details. Their swords were different; they’re all like a contemporary to the Indus valley culture that stung the mainstream.

Sinauli is said to be one of the five villages that Lord Krishna negotiated to be given to Pandavas instead of battle. We know the rest is history. These excavations were parallel to Mesopotamia and Egypt. It’s just a Test excavation and more to be done. The chariots are small that can accommodate only two people. Even the whip, helmet, and torso-shaped shields that are like of Egyptian style, were found. This advanced Warrior civilization coexisted with Indus proves that our nation had cultures unbroken and may lead us to a distant history that we must remember to reach the source.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari