Ganesh – the word is a popular synonym for the word Genius. Ganesh, for many reasons, stand as an ideal for genius and Intelligence of high calibre, not only due to the stories around this extraordinary being but the significance starts with the depiction of Ganesh itself! So why did the ancients depict Ganesh with an elephant head? Does he actually look like that or it’s just a mere representation? Keeping these aside for now, let just focus on what science says…

An elephant has trice number of neurons than an average human brain that is yet to experience the higher form of intelligence. And not only have that, the bottom section of the brain indeed looked like the face of Ganesh! Surprising, isn’t it? According to the recent findings of neuroscience, the Hippocampus in the brain produces new neurons and they grow and can be patterned according to the knowledge given to them! Einstine’s brain has more neural connections! Not at all surprising! Because the great scientist himself said that he only worked with the problems a bit longer than a normal individual.

Now when we come to the story of Ganesh, his human appearance has been replaced with an Elephant by his father. What does that mean? Shiva is the father of the universe itself! So, the father helped the son to gain genius! And when we observe Ganesh’s family, his consorts Siddhi (Attained ability) and Buddhi (Intellect), can also be seen as left brain and the right brain! His sons Shub (Prosperity), Laabh (Gain), and daughter Santhoshi (Happiness), she’s also known as the Goddess of Satisfaction. Ganesh also has a sister named Manasa (Mind). Tushti (Feeding) and Pushti (Strengthening) are the wives of Shubh and Labh; Aamod (Granter) and Pramod (Enlightenment) are Ganesh’s grand children sons. Pramod can also be translated as a group of awned grains or rice. When we look at the neurons under firing in a scan, they look similar to them.

Lord Ganesh or Ganapathi, when clearly understood, Gana means our human embodiment and pathi means King. According some sources, Ganesh is said to be single. And all these aspects depict his inner self. However, if we contemplate the knowledge of Ganesh, we’ll be blessed with Health, Wealth and Genius which ultimately help us to lead an enlightened life! Genius has no end, there’s always much to know and live!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari