How Lord Krishna left a stunning proof of his authenticity.

Ever Since Legendary beings throughout history, being a part of humanity, achieved enlightenment and became bodily eternal, even in the recent times, Saint Kabir left nothing but flowers when he left this planet.
In the period of Mahabharatha, there were impersonators who wanted to negate the knowledge that uttered by the enlightened beings.

Pundarika Vasudeva was such an entity who always was envious over Krishna’s Knowledge and Fame. He even plotted to fake himself as Krishna in many instances. Even today, many of the misconceptions surrounded Lord Krishna was created by this man Pundarika Vasudeva. Lord Krishna himself fought with this impersonator and sacked him off near dwaraka, not because he kept on defaming him, but this man became a direct threat to the ancient knowledge.

Enlightened beings don’t care of what went later, what truths or misconceptions that circle around them later on. Irrespective of cultures, if we observe enlightened beings, their message is simple and the same, and there might be dogmas or illusions attributed to them. They can be plucked out easily with spiritual commonsense, not with skepticism. 
The Bhagavad Gita is the living proof that this enlightened being bodily emancipated himself, that he achieved enlightenment to a degree that he identified himself as the observer within every human being. Thus he compared the God-Within as an Eagle among birds, Lion among animals, Ram among humanity.

Legendary beings keep their unique signature not always in archeological findings, but in their works, that the european scholars say that it is impossible to separate its author from its creator. None of the verses in Bhagavad Gita were lost, yet the translations may vary, the original text remained the same.

Painting of Krishna on interior wall City Palace, Udaipur

With such proof that he gave to us, we who portray the role of an ardent learner, like Arjuna, must confess, till now, we’re not able to listen carefully to this legendary knowledge, when observed clearly, liberate oneself from all human limitations. We must not forget that India went under many invasions, dark eras and cultural changes. That our ancient history was then preserved as an oral tradition as most of the surviving records were destroyed, yet the original story survived, through the lenses of various individuals throughout generations. 

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari