It is well known that in the Eastern Philosophy, the self – The God-Within is said to be unchanged and unaffected by the fickleness of one’s activities of the Mind. Sri Ramana says that with an example from the Book Yogavasistyam, when Ram asks him about the same.

Vasista says that, we categorise sentient and non-sentient by the actions of the mind, nevertheless, the observer who sits behind it, is unchangeable and can’t be attributed with any of the qualities exhibited by the mind. In this manner, the Mind is purely indescribable, as this is it, because, it is.

Sri Ramana further explains that, Sankhya means Enquiry coupled with knowledge will lead one to the truth. Thus, If a brahmin who’s drunk behaves differently than normal, so is mind affected by external influences, gets indulged itself in the dogmas and the same mind, when enlightened, will act as a direct reflector of God.

He further emphasises that, Lord Krishna said that this state of enlightenment can be achieved in two ways, one is sankhya – the right inquiry with knowledge and Yoga, contemplating and living the knowledge in one’s life.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari