Saint Ramana always emphasises on remembering the true self that is experiencing this dream and calls the I-conceit, a phantom. Which takes this reality for real and thinks of itself as an experience and doer, forgetting the real self that actually gave it credence.

Instead of knowing, it blatantly says that it is only the body and totally discards the unseen existence of the self. And such phantom of forgetfulness took over humanity that is formed false ideals and norms, totally keeping aside the questions like “Who am I?” and “What is this world?”, they kept on wandering in the image, forgetting its true self. Sri ramana says that the ignorance of forgetfulness exhibits two qualities, Veiling and Projection.

Thus sri Ramana explains: Veiling works in two ways, “It is not” and ‘It does not shine forth’, he further explains, if the Master explains to his student that there is only one non dual reality called self, the student doubts the existence of such reality. Due to the veil of forgetfulness, the student disregards this teaching and keeps on enacting his habitual ideas. Even though the great masters emphasise on its existence, the student looks for its carnal existence and says “No, It does not shine forth.” Though Ignorance has no distinct beginning, it has an end. The rise of knowledge is the end of ignorance, just as the sun dispels the darkness, so is knowledge, dispels ignorance.