The reign of Ram is said to have lasted over six decades that he conquered large kingdoms and freed its peoples. It is well-known that Ram performed the Aswamedha Yaga, that he’s almost unstoppable, the king of a kingdom can only stop his rage only if he wishes to fight. In other words, Ram made friends with virtuous people around the world from many kingdoms. Thus, apart from his exile which is widely uttered, he ruled over for a long time after his coronation and his greatness travelled to many far kingdoms!

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The name Ram can be found not only in Asian countries but also in the Middle East and Egypt! It is known that Ancient Egyptians did travel to India, it is well documented on the Hoyasala Temple, Indians must have been travelled there too. Here we have to note a point that Ram is said to be a foreign ruler as so far that his appearance was quite different. That at one time King Janaka visited Ram when he camped near Ramtek, Janaka describes him as a fierce warrior with outlandish looks, and braided long hair. Even in Yogavasistyam, the encounter between Prince Ram and Vasista was well documented with astounding knowledge about Quantum Physics and Advaita.

There’s still a tradition in India that when people migrate from a flooded area to a high land, they name that new place with the name of their former home. This doesn’t mean he hails from Middle East as most historians think. He’s from some far land! And even in Mohenjo-Daro, Ram is depicted as a Man with a bow. And we must not forget that the Archaeology says the first settlement of Indians was in this place near the River Indus and from there the people walked down in this peninsula. If its their first settlement, and they neither settled in Egypt, nor in Persia, so where did they come from?

In Egypt, they associated Ram with the Ram, where its statues line up in an avenue just like the sphinx. When we see the rulers of the Egypt, there were 14 Pharaohs with the name of Ramses, which they must have been named, inspired by Lord Ram. However, there’s a lot of hype and image making surrounded this great Emperor; in India.
Much will be known about his true might and knowledge, lived by his people and the world steadfastly turns into the Kingdom of Ram!    

Viswanath Venkat Dasari