In the 44th UNESCO World Heritage Summit under the reference number 1570, The Ancient Temple and the Brightest Star of Kakatiya Empire, Ramappa Temple has been officially announced for the WHS Tag! This now made the whole nation to look at this archaeological wonder! Earlier, the temple has been under consideration to this act since 2014, and finally the monument made to UNESCO back in 2019, being the only temple nominated from India.

But the meeting has been postponed to 2021 July. However during the first phase of meeting, the jury showed some obligations to consider the temple for WHS as the Indian officials were unable to furnish ample promise regarding to secure a 100-meter prohibited zone from modern constructions. But they took quick action and were able to meet the promise by the second phase of meeting. Dholavira has been chosen in the first phase and Ramappa’s status has been kept on hold. But in the second phase, the Jury has decided to go ahead by seeing it unmatchable architecture.     

The Temple was constructed without a grounded basement but a raised platform of six-and-a-half feet in height. The Kakatiya Commander Recherla Rudra took on its consctruction along with the sculptor Ramappa. The Temple has a unique feature that they sheltered the inscription in a separate Mandapa which i still intact today. They wrote that ‘Though you belong to a different culture or a different religion and a faraway kingdom, your war is not with the temple, do not destroy it!’ With this, they instructed the later generations to preserve this temple.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.