“An error does not become truth by the reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

To every child born into this planet, through the means of contemporary education, comes a continuous feed of facts that at one point of the child’s life, she/he will surely face a dire confusion that what governs the facts and completely loses the sight of truth. And when it comes to spiritual growth, it’s a different story! People rely more on emotional satisfaction of feeling good rather than the actual reality, governed by the supreme creator – God Within. 

In the basic principles of Vedas, the ancients were really clear about the difference between truth and a fact. When we consider this example, the masses commonly accept the Sun sets in the west and Sun rises in the East as truth, which has to be considered as fact. But in reality, The Sun neither sets nor rises – this is a truth, not fact, and of course, the days and nights are merely an illusion displayed by light and shadow. Even when we consider directions, the contemporary education tells they’re eight – a fact, but in truth, they’re ten. What about up and down? 

 Facts are rapid shape shifters, and the truth is constant, that doesn’t mean truth is a stagnated state that one can just say this is it, but it would be fair to say, there’s more to it. Sometimes facts get deep rooted as personal truths, and Mahatma Gandhi says ‘No one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth’. Facts depend up on human perception void of personal experience and feed off from mere belief, and they can be a fallacy straight away when an advanced perception comes to existence.

 The same comes with truth too, but the basic foundations of it will not change, but as a rising building under construction, the new facets of understanding through personal experience, evolves the individual to see the truth, in a wider perception. May be that’s why Jesus Christ said ‘Truth Sets You Free!’ and Mahatma Gandhi emphasised, “Even If You Are A Minority Of One, The Truth Is Still The Truth.” 

Viswanath Dasari