Chalukya’s first capital was Aihole. The Chalukya Shiva Temple in Aihole, also known as Lad Khan Temple locally, is a very ancient temple that no one knows who built it that it might date back to thousands of years. And the renovations were done by Chalukya dynasty, but the main stream says it belongs to Chalukyas, yet the construction date of this temple keeps going back, from 8th century to 5th century, and beyond.
The temple was constructed in Panchayatana Style and appears to be sturdy and early.It has 12 sturdy pillars with distant carvings. The temple is said to have housed an idol of Surya or Vishnu, now it is a shrine of Shiva with a linga and a Nandi.

Aihole houses over 125 temples which were built by the Chalukyas. Most of them were renovations of the ancient structures while some of them were solely built by the kings themselves. It is said that in an inscription, King Pulakeshi II built most of these Temples.

The Strange name behind this temple originated when a musghal general made this temple as his residence during the Karnataka invasion and the locals started to call it as Lad Khan Temple. The temple has no pagoda and it looks like a small fortress of the ancients. The carvings depict various beings from distant history and they were mostly unidentifiable.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari