The Bhagavad-Gita is an ultimate self-help guide to those who seek the path of enlightenment and also to those to endeavor to stand firm for righteousness. Recently, a youtube channel came up with a unique video that emphasizes the basic essence of this ancient teaching. Ascended Master Krishna starts the teaching to the fierce warrior Arjuna, who collapsed on his hunches, with worry and helplessness. Krishna begins it with ‘Don’t Worry about anyone but do your duty with utter focus.

Then Krishna tells Arjuna about the people and their choices that resulted in a heated conflict that had to wipe out an entire decadent society, leaving only the righteous; and Arjuna had to play a key role in this process. Having predicted the outcome, Arjuna starts to worry about his people, be they just or unjust. The Krishna gives him adequate knowledge, like a firm reminder, not to worry as it makes even the fiercest warrior to wiggle in the dark like a scared cat. It became evident that time. It’s not at all an easy task and not at all a funny task as to laugh at Arjuna for his weak mindset at the brink of battle.

Then Master Krishna comes up with an extraordinary solution that he reveals the divine essence of humanity that Observer which he calls ‘Gudakesa’, Upadrashta, Anumanta, Bhartha, Bhokta, Maheswara and Paramathma, is expressing as each and everyone. When one surrenders to that I am, will be bodily eternal and enlightened, so don’t worry. And with that exuberant reaffirmation, Arjuna moves ahead.