The Great Vithala Temple at Hampi, exquisitely built by The Vijayanagara Dynasty in the 15th century AD, holds an enchanting magic of Music within the premises of the temple itself. The Music Pillars of Rangamandapa!

In the Rangamandapa, there were 56 uniquely carved pillars that emit various sounds different to one another. The recentific findings state that these pillars represent frequencies of sound emitted from various musical instruments.

During the colonial rule of India, one of the british enthusiast cut down one of the pillar to find of the mystery, but ended up in finding nothing inside it. However, the modern technological findings state that, these pillars were made of advanced geopolymers – granite mixed up with silicon.

The wonderful thing is that these 56 pillars emit accurate sounds of classical music notes with vibrational harmony. And the fascinating thing among them is the name of the mandapa, which ‘the Mandapa of colours’ and colours indicate frequency from the electromagnetic spectrum, the seven colours, the seven frequencies, the seven swaras in the music. Such an ancient marvel, isn’t it?

-Viswanath Dasari