In the 16th century forerunners of Bhakti Movement in the Indian Subcontinent, Saint Meerabai is one of a courageous and riotous entity who clearly spoke of her truth to a society that was so backward and enslaved.  The Great Poet-Saint Meerabai hails from a Rajput royal family of Kuriki, Pali district of Rajasthan. She got initiated in to self knowledge by Master Ravidas. Ever since she became so entangled to the source of all and called that source – Krishna – an ancient term for Void, her divine consort. She always says “Meera ke Prabhu avinashi re!” .. My lord god is indestructible!

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She even clearly describes that she’s not actually worshipping a person, as many mistook her, she’s directly pointing to an unseen source that prevails in all of us. She’s an extensive traveller and met many philosophers in her search of knowledge. She writes in one of her poems…

“In my travels I spent time with a great Yogi. Once He said to me… ‘Become so still that you hear the blood flowing through your veins.’

One night, as I sat in quiet, I seemed on the verge of a world inside so vast. I know it is the source of all of us!”

Her husband Bhojraj built a separate temple for Meera where she gave lectures to many people. Her teaching also influenced Mughal Emperor Akbar. Meerabai showed many notable miracles like displaying her quantum variants, walking on water and appearing and disappearing. In a poem, she compared herself to a cow herding girl of Gokul who transformed herself into an enlightened being and was taken up by a sky chariot.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari