In the Uttharakanda of Ramayana, there’s a strange happening noted that a war between Shiva and Ram! Yes, but how could it be when Shiva is not an individual but all individuals? The story goes thus, a man named Veeramani, a fierce warrior-king as well as a philosopher to a degree. He worships the God Within. Did you know Ravana himself worshipped Shiva? There are people of this kind that know the knowledge to an extent that only it serves them, not for the sake of humanity. King Veeramani is the same.

When the horse of Aswamedha Yaga of Ram has been stopped by one of the king’s sons, The king, though he knew that Ram always stands with the righteous, though his shiva, the god within tells him to make no war but obediently return the horse, the king refuses and demands Shiva to protect him ad fight for him! Shiva, being kind, says yes! Thus, a great war between the two fierce warriors took place. When Veeramani is on the verge of defeat, Shiva intrudes.

There comes Ram, fierce as he is, spreading a blue flare all around, none of the weapons of Shiva hurt Ram nor any of Ram’s hurt Shiva, but Ram takes out Pashupatastra, the one who takes it out will always be Victorious, Shiva takes the shot at no harm but surrenders, so is Veeramani with a sincere realisation. Then Ram asks Shiva to resurrect all the people who fought on both sides. All the warriors were brought back to life and Veeramani surrendered to Ram. Then through this happening, it is understood that, God resides within everyone but takes the side of righteousness! And here we see the love of Ram towards the life-force.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari