To celebrate the richness of life, the festival of Bathukamma has been renowned since the period of Cholas, dearly attributed to Goddess Gauri and later on to The Kakatiya Empress Rudrama Devi. This festival of life is still revered by millions in the state of Telangana. Ever since its formation, the festival has gained much center of focus and attention. As a result, this celebration is eventually enriching all the cultures in India.

To relinquish its glory, a new cinematic song has been released. The song has been exclusively music directed by AR Rahman and the visuals directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon. The song portrays an NRI family coming home to celebrate the festival and the little one in them asks her mother about the festival, in that juncture, the song has been elusively picturized that one who didn’t know about the festival, will have a basic idea.

From the day where people gather the Alli Flowers and Tangedi Flowers, they tower them up like a cone. This festival was first recorded historically when the Chola Emperor Rajaraja conquered the Trilinga region, he said to have taken the lingam of the temple in Telangana and installed it in the Big Temple. Then a festival began where Goddess Gauri is taken as a procession to Tamil Nadu. And another legend tells that, the festival marks the birth celebrations of Kakatiya Empress Rudrama Devi and also people celebrated her ascent during this festival.