Due to the neglect and lack of understanding, the ancient monuments and temples were under considerable destruction either by man or by ignorance  So a new commission to be formed by the orders of the Madras High Court. The commission includes the criterion to safeguard the Temples, Sculpture, Inscriptions, Idols and various monuments

The Madrass HC on Monday issued a series of 75 directions to the State of Tamil Nadu at first, to protect historical monuments and temples, fill the vacancies, safeguarding temple funds, conducting proper audits as well as giving proper nourishment to the Temple Animals like elephants. Justice R. Mahadevan and PD Adikeshavulu ordered a commission on the Mamallapuram World Heritage Area Management Authority should be established within two months with the group comprised of Historians, Archaeologists and Anthropologists.

The Court Order said that The Heritage Commission shall identify all the ancient structures, Temples and antiques with historical/archaeological importance within the State of Tamil Nadu, formulate a list of Temples with chronological order according to which when temple or monument was built, issue appropriate notification, render periodical advice to state, supervise the restoration, repair works etc. And none of such activities such as alteration, shall be done without the commissions consent.      

Viswanath Dasari