It’s before the establishment of The Vijayanagara and Maratha Empires, It’s right after the long resistance of Kakatiyas, a fierce warrior emerged from a commoner’s family in Andhra – Prolaya Vema Reddi, the founder of Reddi Kingdom that kept the enemies at bay. They’re a part of Kakatiya Legion who is formed on the order of Pratapa Rudra Himself. According to Prataparudra Charita, The Emperor Ascended bodily to heavens before his army after escaping from the enemies on the way to Delhi. The same has been reaffirmed by Reddi Queen Anithalli noted in her inscription that “Prathaparudra left on his own will!”  

Before his ascent, he met all his generals and Nayaks and instructed them to free the land from Tyranny. Thus, from the family of the generals, Prolaya Vemareddi emerged with a new strategy of Guerrilla Warfare on the invaders. He gathered the commoners and peasants and trained them into fierce warriors and wiped the tyrants out of Telugu lands.

Vema reinforced not only the military power but mostly re-established all the vedic schools and renovated ancient temples, freed the forts of Rajamahendravaram, Pithapuram, Korukonda and Simhachalam from foes. He initially put Addanki as his capital until he completely wiped the delhi forces out. Then He established a new capital at Kondaveedu. Vema patronised poets like Errapragada in his court. Vema also renovated the temple of Ahobilam, built a flight of stairs and returned the agraharas to the priests. The Reddi Kingdom safeguarded this area until the advent of Vijayanagara rulers.