Ever since it was known that the Ramappa Temple of Kakatiyas has been nominated for the UNESCO world heritage site, but the UNESCO committee has kept the finalizing process delayed, the cultural significance kept on creating enough thrust for this ancient wonder to be one of the celebrated sites. At last, the UNESCO team will have a final consideration from 1167 sites from 167 countries and the Ramappa Temple is one of them that made to the final list from India along with the ancient city of Dholavira from Indus Valley civilization, located in Gujarat.

Located 65 Km from the City of Warangal, the temple was built by Recharla Rudra, an army general of King Ganapathi Deva of Kakatiya Dynasty. Archaeologists and historians claim that it took forty years for the completion of this temple. Ramappa being the sculptor-in-chief of this temple is said to have received enlightenment while carving the statue of Shiva in the temple. To honor this event, the king named this temple after the sculptor.

It will be a proud moment for all Telugu people that this magical temple will now likely to have a permanent tag of UNESCO. The very reason for this strong agitation to protect this temple that even after the independence, the governments that ruled Andhrapradesh completely left this monument in neglect, as a result, the main entrance and the corridor has been collapsed in 2012. The temple is adorned with intricate carvings, floating bricks as well as cymatic patterns proves the winder of ancient technology. The temple restoration has begun when the State of Telangana was formed, during the restoration process; the temple was brought to the sight of UNESCO, now the temple is likely to be tagged as a world heritage site.   

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari