It is a rare sight when the gesture of an Ancient Being revealed in sculpture. Till now, only bit and fragments of sculptures of this valiant Kakatiya queen are now available. They’re all some how not clearly depict the Great Empress, how she looked of how she dressed. We only have imaginary conception of her features, either through paintings and cinema.

The Newly Discovered Sculptures of the Empress depicts a clear detail of her. One of them depicts her in Anjali Mudra while she’s about to perform Perini Dance Form. She dressed in unique queenly robes with floral designs, with armlets, wristlets and anklets. Her necklace was elegant in the style of Egyptian Pharaohs. She has an oval face, looks mighty with broad shoulders. She closed her eyes and was in deep focus, sitting on her toes. The other sculpture depicts her on a royal elephant where one of her commanders stops the elephants as it reaches the temple.  

The discovery has been made at the Sangameswara Temple at Teerthala Village, Khammam District, Telangana. The Sculpture was always there ever since the temple has been commenced. It was built during the reign of Empress Rudrama and the two sculptures recorded the event of her arrival and her worship of Lord Shiva. However, one of the archaeologists identified the sculpture as it is none other than the Kingly Empress.  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari