This is the day chiefly revered for pointing out the aspects of self-conquest. The Victory of Righteousness over unjust. God over forgetfulness. Mastery of Humanity. This day can be signified through the Divine Mother with her exuberating forms and modes of self-conquest. The most significant over them is to master the illusion of time and conquer ones material view. In this, the Mother Goddess, the energy is said to be the helper of those who embarks on this journey.

Time is an illusion. The only thing there ever is NOW. And this is relative to the perception of the beholder. And this can be achieved through a focussed state by attaining clarity and applying the knowledge into one’s life and not giving up on your goal despite the fluctuations of society.

It is said that a man is only equal to a woman only he becomes a master over his limitations. Until then, a woman stays always higher than a man. But the problem lies here that women should understand their worth and stop running behind false ideals. Vijayadasami, apart from celebrating the Victory of Ram, is also a celebration of the divine feminine and motherhood. Because, without the backing of the divine feminine, man’s progress is said to be incomplete. And that divine feminine might not be in another person, but in one’s soul and one’s ideal, in which reflects back from another person as a result. With this firm knowledge, one can start their journey of self-conquest and can master the illusion of time at any moment!