True essence of this land is linked with the word Yoga and getting enlightened through it. Most of the advanced Yogic postures and the apparatus that were needed for it, have been deliberately carved on the temple walls, most of them can especially be found in South Indian Temples. People who raised their kundalini energy were depicted as half man and half snake, even Saint Patanjali was depicted the same, there were many women and men who were depicted in the same fashion at Mahabalipuram.

There, Arjuna, sitting in Vrikshasana, has been keenly carved to show the basis of enlightenment and activating the brain. There was a huge tree around him that looks like a massive neuron and there was a point of energy at the top. There were many carvings that clearly describe the events during the era of Mahabharata, how the people from various races looked, People from various places around the space, there were dwarfs and beings that fly without wings.

There were also carvings that depict Shiva as Adi Yogi in a posture, while the strange thing in that, Shiva wears a waist band that has elastic properties, and the very band can be used even today while doing workouts. There were asanas like utkatasana that also involved the use of this band. Even Ascended Master Ayyappa is also shown sitting with a similar band around his legs. This says how ancients equally prioritised Enlightenment and combined it into daily life along with Fitness, carved eloquently to teach the future generations.          

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari